Pipeline Life

I wept into your pillow tonight
Your scent still lingers though you're out of sight
Each day gets harder but I push on through
No matter how busy my thoughts always turn to you

Through video and photo you watch our daughter grow
Though it kills you to be away you try not to let it show
You dig, and you build putting that pipe in the ground
Though your heart aches missing your family you don't make a sound

When you get to come in it's like Christmas Day
Every time you leave we beg you to stay
No matter how hard is it is to leave you go on
For our family you'll work from dusk to dawn

I put on a brave face and go about my day
When it gets too hard to bare I hit my knees and I pray
This won't last forever I keep telling myself
I lock that dream up and place it on a shelf
Our family will be reunited and under one roof
Gods still working miracles baby girl and I are both proof.

So keep working hard my love and keep pushing on
I'll say enough prayers for us both to keep going on.
You're a hard working man and that you'll always be
We love you and thank you for all you do for our family.

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