Pirate Life

He was one with the wind
But had no home
He had the sea
So he was never alone

He had one calling
And to that calling he would run
He lived it truthfully
By moon but also by sun

With those he loved, he would part
Though not because his life was dark
On the contrary, the purest art
He did tire, but would never stop

He kept friends, old and new
Disliked by very few
He was kind, and some never knew
His word was sometimes tricky, but honest and true

He never knew where he would be
Other than sailing from sea to sea
The only lust he knew was the lust for gold
And that was a lust that just never got old

He sipped rum to keep his head
Just to be sure he didn't end up dead
If ever asked about his life, he'd tell you to try it
Because there is no life like the life of a pirate

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