Pitch Obsidian posy

I for one cannot spy you yourself
Inspite of the duskiness
Thou' sunset til sunrise
Your Velveteen penances
Espy you motionless I cannot
Nautically day
Art' Dawn til dark
Hence Velour lush
Piceous and livid
Amoungst a floret pot
Whose Rooted pensive
A jardiniere as sensitive
can coexist in
Transparent beams
Obsolete extinct
Beyond a
Potter of a floweret
Intrinsic without not
A caisson to tenure a pompon
More extrinsically
Yellow Rover
Yellow rover
Of a Pointy bantam leaf
Haven't you
Rovers so yellow
Rover-side chello
I haven't heeded much less
Seashell ebony
Muchly viscose
Muchly viscose
I've understood Much else
Clovis kinesthesia with
Mercurial Snaking fleet
Bolts and flexures
Henceforth focus
Do you
Won't you
Each lambent viridian
Aren't you
Almost like a clover
Centipede move over
Don't you with the
Green apple snow
Rover of ace
If of neat follow
Rover if you follow
Eidetic and taciturn
Has at you
Slant darkness as a
bounding main
of golden seine
Fluent and Ivory
Although' clouded
As a scoff.

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