It is a tool that kills the potentials of the brain,
And sow seeds of conceptual ambiguity deep down the sow.
Many are now plagued by academic impotency,
And their sputum and phlegm tastes bitter.

A tool that kills intellectual enthusiasm,
And make our educational excitement to wane.
It has lead many astray,
And others derailed from their path of success.

It kills slowly and destroys one's reputation,
Degrade ones intellectual ego rather than to boost.
A meal that buries personal thinking capacity.
Moreover, why do we fuse over such a devastating tool.

Original ideas is the proof of one's status.
Stop laying claims on other's milestone as yours.
Stop imposing threats on your thinking ability
All this weakens the spirit of tenacity and doggedness.

Moreover the world is a vast ball with plenty ideas,
Get yours, craft it and polish it to shine,
And you will know the complexity of crafting,
And the pains one feel if your work is stolen

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