play time

Play time is a time when your imagination goes wild.
Its when your mind is open wide.
Your heart is big and full with ideas.
Ideas that can take over the world.
Play time is a time when your dreams bring you on top.
When you have the courage to speak loud and share your ideas.
Plat time is when no one can stop you from imagining your future.
Play time can be a time where you dress up and pretend
to save the world.
Play time is a time when little kids start there future.
To me play time is not just for kids its, for everyone.
Basically play time is a time to encourage yourself.
Its when ideas come to you so fast your heart stops.
Its when you plan your next move.
From here i think you get what I am trying to say if you dont.......
Play time is you having an idea and a big imagination.
No one I mean no one can stop you.

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