Playing in the Rain

My glasses are useless
and my clothes are a second skin.
The water tickles my neck and slides down my body.
My smile is wide and collects drops of rain.
My eyes are glazed with delight
and a similar smile is on my face as
I recall memories of the day before.
A spasm of coughing interrupts my day dream.
Suddenly feeling chills,
I snuggle deeper in my blanket.
My bed dips as my mother sits on the edge.
She rests one hand across my brow,
medicine gripped in the other.
I told you, you'd get sick
She has a small frown on the face
as she nurses me.
I return the frown
Feeling the weight of her deprecatory stare.
It quickly disappears, though, as I look up at her
But I had so much fun

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