Playing Pretend

It's time again to play pretend
Put on a show
Even though we know
How everyone truelly feels.
What's hiding deep inside us all
Are the words we never say,
The feelings that we keep
But are never locked away.
They show through
No matter how hard we try
To hold it back and pretend
That everythings alright.
You say things to me
And I hold my tongue
But the damage has
Already been done.
You think they don't effect me
But they break my heart,
Tearing me up inside
Taking me to a place
That is dark.
I never know what
to say to you
Because I don't want
To cause you pain
Or to put you through
What I've had to
So for now I'll just
Bite my tongue
Hoping the damge that's done
Won't continue to carry on...

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