Please Don’t Blame Me

Our blood is real
And our love is true
Then why you went so far
And never fight for me?
If you love me as you said
Then why you marry another girl?
No one forced you my dear!
As you let that girl to come so near
So to alleviate my pain and all
I decided to release you anyway
From my heart and from my dreams
As you are acting with me like I am your only queen
So please I have to stop you from now
And to tell you that it is the time for me to travel
To a place that it is so far from you
Just please don't blame me
"The way you get rid of me is not easy too"

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This Poems Story

Two lovers fell in love with each other; both blood is the same; and both loves' is true; she discovered once that he got married; no one forced him too; except that he saw that girl; and he agreed immediately. After his marriage; he saw his lover again; he wanted her back; so what she decided to do in order to alleviate her pain? Why she told him "please don't blame me" is the core story. "valuable things come once; so think million times before you get rid of them"