Please Don’t Give Up

I heard you lost a dream
A dream for life, for happiness, for love…
I heard you took the dream, and threw it in the garbage!
A dream to love, to laugh, to live…
I heard you killed the hope
The hope to dream, to pray, to breath…
I heard you lost a war with self, with you, with life…
You raised the flag of color white, to show the world that you gave up
Gave up the Dream, the Love, the passion of tomorrow
I heard you murdered soul with bullet from your past
You took mistakes and pain and mixed it in a bullet and shot yourself…
And now with empty soul and bleeding heart you will exist, not live
There’ll be no laugh, no love, no tears…
There’ll be no purpose, no beliefs, no passion even to survive
And only empty future of tomorrow will wake you up for what?
You pushed away the best you had around you and made a cigarette and wine your friends
You pushed away yourself from being you, accepting who you are and who you could become
So basically you died inside!
But wait…Please wait!
Please look around and hear angels singing
They sing the song of hope
They scream to you that everything will be ok
That there is hope, that there is love and dreams to reach
Please don’t give up, they shout, just don’t give up the future of tomorrow
They hug your soul, they kiss your heart, they raise you from the hole
Please don’t give up and you will see how beautiful the life could be

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