Please don’t judge me…

Pleases, don't judge Me...
Please, don't assume that you even know me.
Pleases, understand that you have your life and that I have life.
Pleases put aside,
judgement, suspicion, disgust, disappointment, expectation, assumption, motives, and disrespect.
I am who I am,
and not who I was.
Soon I will be,
A different Me.
If you don't like how I look or the way I dress,
It' because I'm different than you.
Pleases except Me for who I am,
please erase what you think I should be from your shallow programed mind.
Please forgive yourself for not taking the time to get to know Me,
for I am divine, a true being created from up above.
I am kind, giving, loving, selfless, humble, artistic, intelligent, wise, and I am one of a kind...
Please understand that I have a profound story...

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