Please Explain

Sometimes I may ask you a question
that I already know the answer to
It's a rhetorical device
meant to examine you
To see are you just talking off the top of your head,
and do you really understand what you just said
Don't come chirping at me
like some two-armed parrot
'Cause I'm listening to every word you say
I may choose to throw it back
in a crafty, innocuous manner
Simply to find out at the end of the day
if your talk ain't nothing but mindless banter

Sorry sir,
please explain
Excuse me ma'am,
please come again

Some people often weigh in on things,
things they know very little of
I suppose it makes them feel important,
or just to hear their own voice they so love
Whatever the reason, don't try feeding it to me
Ignorance is not a blessed thing;
it's a vile, disgusting,
I want none of it, intellectual offering

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