Please, forgive me

Please, forgive me
I can't say I love you
Words show white flag to me
Love is not what I feel for you.

Every time I escape from you to you
I've never known that you are my fate
I can't remember you because I can't forget you
When I met you, do you remember that date?

Hold my heart tender in your fist
Promise not to let it down one day
You make my life an endless feast
Are you the sunshine or just a ray?

When I talk, you are my echo
That takes me kindly in the arms
When I walk, you are my shadow
That keeps me safe from the harms

Tomorrow will not be out of reach
As long as you are here beside me
Yesterday is like shells on beach
Sand will bury them, wait and see

You broke down my walls of loneliness
You turned my pain into a laugh
You grew inside my heart happiness
You brought me back to life

You filled my pages with unwritten words
My books were kept empty and blank
You haunted my ears with unheard words
Better than a melody because they were so frank

I found my pen when I found out I'm yours
You become the words of every rhyme
May I set my yearning eyes on yours
Before my eyelids meet for the last time

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