Please, Go Gently

When I think of the frigid wind
that will one day carry my soul
over hills blanketed in green
and through valleys donning gowns of flowers
I think of you as well;
you are the only one
whose essence I wish the wind to embrace with warmth
and I hope that perhaps it decides
for you both to linger over the rolling landscape
that embodies pure serenity
so as to grant you one last glance
at the beautiful earth you only recently graced
with the last heave of your tired lungs.
I do wish your soul to refrain from deserting your body
for as long as humanely possible;
though when the algid lips of death
graze your ghostly cheek
and the breath of the trees
and the grass
and the flowers takes you
I pray it be gentle while caressing all that you once were.

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