Please Hear Us

There's so many things I want to say.
So many things I want to scream but, will anyone actually hear?
Really hear?
Not just listening to the sounds falling from my tongue but,
the things I'm not saying,
the pain behind the words,the feelings hidden,
lost in my voice between the words.

After all, words are just words.
It's the emotion behind them that actually mean something.
Will they understand?
Will they finally open their wax-filled ears and hear?
Hear the people around them, the screams of the slowly dying,
the loss of hope in our voices?

Most will never have the ability to hear.
And so, we become monotone.
We stop trying to make them hear, the screams dying on our lips.

And all around us becomes silent.
There's no emotion, no feeling,
We're walking, talking machines.

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