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Please, show yourself, to me,
A smile, a grin, I love to see

Act crazy, act loony, make me laugh,
Be human, a slip-up, or a big gaff

Trust me, I care, I long to know,
Your heart, I'll cherish, whenever you show

Spontaneity, a surprise, a change in routine,
Enchant me, delight me, would be so keen

Share of, yourself, a long ago memory,
Waiting, listening, tell me your story

Whenever, we risk, vulnerable I know,
My heart, aglow though, whenever you show

Your personality, complex, we all are you see,
Deep down, your soul, please show to me

I'll ask, a question, then wait to hear,
Listen, intently, will lend you my ear

Express yourself, share your feelings, what's on your mind,
Be thoughtful, and considerate, show me you're kind

Shine brightly, and proudly, please let me see,
Stand tall, and vibrant, show yourself to me

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