Please Remember This

When you lay down at night I pray your thoughts consume you.
I pray even in this disappointing world
you find a reason to hope, a reason to live.
And when you rise up from bed,
I pray you have the strength to do it all.
I hope you find happiness in all the chaotic places.
That you truly can find peace within yourself.
I hope you tell yourself everyday that
you are important, and you are valuable.
Because people in this life are going to tell you that you are not,
and you need to be strong enough to tell yourself that you are.
And know that you can not mend yourself back together by
picking up broken pieces, only God can do that.
Tell yourself that its okay to be sad sometimes because
it wouldn't be healthy for you to always be happy.
And that its okay to let your guard down
that's what life is all about! taking chances.
Make friends with people you wouldn't normally talk to.
Live a life you are proud of!
Stay up all night watching to see the sunrise
Go places you never dreamed of going.
Try out strange foods and then throw up in a trash can!
in the end you'll be happy you got the experience.
always remember life like this.

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