Please, Stay Awhile

I open my eyes and you're on my mind.
You don't believe it, but you're one of a kind.
I guess that you're on one hell of a ride.
What you don't realize is I'm torn up inside.
The mindset you own is warped and corrupt.
I wish to snap my fingers in hopes you wake up.
You've cried out for help more than one time.
But until you really want it, it's not worth a dime.
No one takes this seriously, as you're slowly dying.
Even after weeks of me doing nothing but crying.
This can't go on forever, I won't watch it happen.
Do I need to make you choose between me or this fashion?
Step away from the mirror, the media, the scale.
Know your self-worth, don't continue to fail.
These thoughts in your mind, they're poison and wrong.
Not feeding yourself just to belong.
Every choice you make affects us all, can't you see?
Your mother, your grandmother, especially me.
How can you rejoice when we're all so sad?
Starving your way to a small, you must see how that's bad.
I want you around for the rest of my life.
You're my sister, I love you more than my wife.
Please wise up and stop tearing your body down.
I can't bear the thought of putting you in the ground.
Please make more of an effort, I know that you can.
Take this as my plea to you, via paper and pen.

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