Plight of the Civil Servant

Uncertainty looms around every corner
Lurking in the shadows
Waiting to pounce on the unsuspecting.
Ambiguity touches every being
With the feathery softness of false pretense
Though the truth of its touch is bold and blatant.

Who are you?!
No one, that's who!
Are you new?
Then you know nothing!
You're on probation?
Then I am better than you!
Move over!
Give me your job!
I have the right you know,
To bump you from yours.
Because you are new
And you don't deserve what I do.

Under paid and over worked is their mantra,
No matter how cliche.
Petty gossip, double standards
And spurious politics
Lace the break room coffee pot
Like strychnine
They spill from the ductwork
For the benefit of those
Who don't partake in the java
And soon enough, the doors open wide
And the vultures swoop in.

Who are you?!
It doesn't really matter!
What's your job here?
You're a secretary?
Well I have a PhD!
Move over and give me your job!
Because I am better than you!

Job security is an oxymoron
For the unappreciated government worker
The lure is enticing
The benefits are grand
But for someone who has just started
The AXE is likely close at hand.

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