The pall of gloom looms everywhere
my travails leave a trail to nowhere
Stubborn soul yearn for succor
life sway between hope and despair.

The sheen of city no longer lure
for it fails to afford care & cure
The hearth and home left behind for good
for I have to choose between life and livelihood.

The country beckon me with open arm
the banyan,school and the barren farm
The alley bereft of my chum and mate
all that I have in store with the twist of fate

Deprivation was never so palpable
Disparity never so culpable
Desperation ,dejection all that reigns
Endless woes and withering dreams

Let's share some of our gains
It may pare some of their pain
Unbridled greed is our bane
nature's fury little to blame.
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