Plural heart(s)

For right now.
My first thought,be It sound
She got lost,I am quickly bound
In my head at this time,
What's yours and ours,us and mine
1st things first,she steals the show
Everywhere I look,everything I know
First things first,expecting more
so real is the thirst,rooted at the core
Maybe not enough,but she can do great things
A new style we play,he said 3 birds sing,
If we needed help,quickly is it there
Tailored to your needs,meticulousl ever design
All the right words,beautiful it almost hurts
My pain is great,not as bad as Kurt's
Im having the best day ever,quite far from the worst
Up north,and down south,both places be it fine
Home is in my head,stocked up is flower and wine
At least it will suffice,more can be there,
I didn't write the program,in my mind and what's fair
My first thought of today,
Isn't just one girl,
Productivity is key,my heart it is but plural.

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Tags : What will be will be,london,complicated,swiftie,lovefool
Key Words : Complicated,swiftie

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