Pluralize And Baptize Bathsheba

When David saw Goliath
He saw an enemy too small to be feared
Too little to cause a shiver
Too big for nothing to be rated higher than nothing
When David saw Goliath
He saw an uncircumcised Philistine
Too “slim” for the servant of the Lion of Judah
Too “lanky” to escape the mockery of the battlefield
When David saw Goliath
He exposed the dwarf in the giant
He saw a Donkey, not an Ogre
He did not see a god; he saw an unworthy worshipper
When David saw Goliath
He was motivated to veto that insult
Then he hasted for the King’s consent to fight that firefly
The future King would not rub shoulders with Goliath
He would put him in his stony place
Now, oh now
David is seeing Bathsheba
This sight is present, recent and “decent”
A beautiful naked woman, refreshing her beautiful naked body, in the beautiful naked air
From his encounter with Goliath, this is different
Bathsheba's skin is so shiny
Its romantic glow, so attention-calling
Her physical voice is so muscular
And David’s vision is long gone
That giant was no giant
But this temptation is bigger than a giant
Poor David, he was too mighty to be intimidated by Goliath
But is now too defenseless against Bathsheba's body
He could overcome Goliath with a pebble
He cannot overcome this urge with an ounce of strength;
This is every man’s weakness
Stronger than physical capacity!
Higher than mental integrity
David overcame the world, by overcoming the big bad Goliath
But the world is overcoming David right now
This could only mean one thing…
Bathsheba is mightier than Goliath

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This Poems Story

A women empowerment poem. The Biblical "Goliath" evokes the Battle-like tone; the poem fights for gender justice. This poem is solely Authored by Victoria Ifeolu, the lady who wrote "I Call My Sexuality My God: My Shampoo and My Watermelon Juice".