Pocket watch

The pocket watch

Is it a tool to keep time?
is it a symbol of time gone by?
Is it a relic to remind us of a simpler more happier time?
We try to hold on to time everyday.
But time must and shall go on.
We reminisce on what we once had, the freedom to not worry about time slipping through our fingers every second of everyday.
To have just a moment back to be able to right a wrong, say or do something we failed to do in that time.
We all just want a moment whatever that moment should hold for us to have that feeling we have lost over time.
Each one of us is just a shimmer in the fabric of time.
Some of us have more time than others.
Some of us abuse the time we have.
But in the end all we have is time.
What we do with the time allotted to us is what matters.
What will you do with your time?

Bobbie Taylor

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