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At the end of it all, you will sit down and shudder, surrounded by the ashes of your greed, the shadows of your avarice, with your hands outstretched, begging for peace, longing for comfort.
Forlorn, you will join the ashes; embittered, you will sink into despair, for the treasure that you sought after, day and night, was in your grasp all this time.
Yet, now that you unclench your fists, and flail your arms in a paroxysm of frustration, it flits delicately away, a white dove of purity.
Why did you reject me, her fluttering voice sings, why did you tear off my wings and refuse my proffered comfort?

her voice, painfully dulcet, which causes the very sky to clench its heart and twinge in soulful suffering, cries.


Eternally fester, seethe, laid low! Be taught the lesson of unbounded regret and learn the humility of solitude. Be haunted by an apparition of misfortune, a ghoul of torment! Forget the meaning of satiation, the feeling of happiness, the sound of joy! May the companionship of Hell and Hades, the camaraderie of anguish and melancholy, be your only solace.

Let this be so, ‘til you lie broken and weary at Midnight in the Valley of Death.

And then,
and only then,
shall my lips grace your grime-filled face, and you shall know the truth.

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