Perched above is a world of blue,
Spread thy wings and protect our souls!
Ghostly menace has become this world of mine,
Beauty I run for never to find.
But then I claim it exists.

Millions of roads taken
Some lost,a few truths discovered.
Some lies being lamented upon!
Sins committed and sins being immersed.
Nonetheless,the holy water has a purifying essence.
Humans have a way with it.

The history of our religious fathers
Blessed upon us the scriptures of world truth.
And then sins flow like the never ending ordeals?

Why the bloodshed and surrender?
Let peace and tranquility be the throne to rule us forever!
The silver spooned, and the brass makers
The profit seekers and the toll takers!
With this majesty we shall bow relentlessly for ages!
Let's spread this peaceful note far and wide!
With brotherhood shall we live and die

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