To the half bright moon
When the stars are few and the sky is blue,
When the life feels low but the love is true,
When there seems no way but to say what is in you,
Just see the half moon which holds a shining glow.

When you are full of despair and there is no hope near,
When the world seems so cruel
that you can't even live there,
When you try to make everything right
but what you get is only plight,
Then just see that moon, though half,
but is shining bright.

When you give up being tolerant and you want to fight,
When everything seems wrong and you want it right,
When you are the only one to survive the night,
Then just see that moon, alone , but gives you light.

When you hear people caluminating you,
When they only try to belittle
regardless of what you do,
When your kindness to them is of no use,
Then just see that half moon rejoicing its own bruce.

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