Poem Of Emotions

Your love is unleashed and smothering
Your desires are simple and unacceptable
A scorn heart that's torn between true love and a need
Let's face it,
I'm unhappy, held back, sedated,
and mistaking for someone who is misunderstood
Release me from bondage
Give me the freedom
Give me the peace
Heart and love that the soul desires
Release the bond
Loved but numb and discouraged but...
...not anymore
You gave me money
You did your smile
I smile but still tire and confused
Checked on me, you said goodnight
I didn't respond
you started the neediness of reassurance
I remembered why I feel the way I do
And why I am where I am
The doubts, the let downs
It's too much, no more, no more
My hearts tired and weary
This is not where I want to be or I need to be
All emotions deep inside are about to.come alive
Don't stop me when I walk away
And don't follow, no you turns!

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