Poem to My Father

When I was still young, I called you Daddy
I thought of you as 10 feet tall and bullet proof

I didn't understand then, all the struggles in life
But I always remembered, food on the table and a house with a roof

As a teenager I sometimes felt that you just weren't there
In my young selfish nature I didn't see how much you did truly care

You worked so very hard to provide for our needs
And one day you even quit smoking, simply because I said please

You never skipped my birthday or presents under the tree
And now that I've grown to a man, it's easy to see

That just as God in Heaven has always been there for me
Through good times and bad, you are the Father you were created to be

18 years ago I became a Father too
So much in my life I have learned from you

I have learned to work hard and to provide for my family
I have learned to tell my children, I love them daily

Life has not been perfect, it is as it should be
It was all by God's design that you are the Father of me

You have sacrificed, provided, and given
I stand before you Proud, that you are my Father sent from Heaven

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For my dad