The Sky And The Sea In Me

Look upon me. I am the sea, so wide so vast so deep. As I sleep I am
at peace and my serenity reaches high to the birds that fly, following
the clouds that cushion the waters of her tears. As she appears. She is
the sky as quiet as a whisper, she is my sister. She’s passionately
peaceful and passionately strong, she has lived so very long;
approximately forever and we shall never part. As she looks down at
me, I feel the ecstacy of the sudden wind of her breath, that a simple
mortal would imagine death, and as the enormous whirlwind of her
moods envelopes the entire body of her sky. Her tornados and
hurricanes deciding what mortals are to die. As she cries I gather her
tears. Ferociously high are my tides and my waves becomes graves of
the unsaved and then it is over as fast as it has arrived. Her face is
darkened and is at peace with the tide.
I look up at her I am in fear of her nearness. For she is in control and
will forever have a hold on this body of water, that covers the sheerness
of the entire Earth. As evening falls she calls out to me with a sweet and
weak thunder and lightning so mild it takes a while to hear her. Her voice
lingers gently in the dark, and then her mood departs and becomes a
Summer’s Night Dream. I swoon to the glow of the moon as it and other
stars dance as jewels laced upon her expressionless face. Look at me!
The Sea! I am vast and wide, and she, lovely and only meekly when
she’s not seeking me. Behold her humbling and respect her rumbling. All
living matter you are forced to run, to hide, to scatter. The sky's the limit
and only for a minute because all ye mortals live in sorrow. My sister
controls the minutes, the hours, this present day and all of the tomorrows.

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