We were strangers
Seeking to find solace in the silence
We smiled, flirted
The darkness of our eyes hidden behind illustrious smiles
Bright teeth and dimpled cheeks
Hid cadaveres of past lovers
Their ghost seeping insidiously into our consciousness
We were but strangers seeking solace in our atonement
Like parishioners we parade our piccadilly
Seeking forgiveness
We do not mean to be perdition
Instead we seek serenity
Like wayward disciples our cursed steps are mishaps, misadventures of the mistaken
Yet were forgiven torturously
Like sinners resting in Dante’s Inferno
Our passion is our purgatory
We refuse disillusionment
The enchantment is to pursue something so aloof is too enrapturing
Our perseverance is our paradox
For our hearts are tombs
Of sinister secrets of strangers seeking solace

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