Poetic bodies speak louder than voices

I'm a painting from your imaginary mind,
I'm an outcast on a story you never recognize,
The main focus would drive me away,
But the background somehow reached my hand.

Winters cold snow brings summers warm glow,
Aprils dull showers bring Mays blooming flowers,
Braided tight hair with loose ends,
Memories forgotten stored in the basement.

My insanity is at war with my sanity,
I lust for freedom from the cradle I live,
My lucky pennies can't complete my wishes,
Poetic bodies speak louder than voices.

Sometimes, trying leads to crying,
Sometimes, relationships have endings,
Sometimes, not everything is meant to be,
Sometimes, it's okay to say you can't.

Composition over spiral books,
the notes are still the same.
So much that I need to do,
Poetic bodies speak louder than voices.

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