Poetic Depression

Tears tumble from my eyes
Burning my skin
Onto the paper
From the tears,
My words appear
Bitter and cold

Poetic depression
Is all that I know
The words that fell from my eyes

The paper becomes stained
With blood, tears and metaphors
When I cry
When people don't say goodbye
When all they do is lie
More words can be found in my book

Poetic depression
Beauty from pain
An outlet for darkness
Moments that now last for eternities
That you don't even remember
My tears wrote them down
In my book that night
Were no-one will ever see,
The darkness I’ve hidden inside

Poetic depression
My words never lie
Something some people should give a try

It isn't that bad
Living like this
Alone in the world
Lost in the sea of misery
Forgotten by people who have claimed to love;
This embodiment of death I call, me

Poetic depression
Is beautiful
But deadly
It's a portal to my soul
Don't look too long
Or you too will be lost
In this never-ending cycle
Of spiralling thoughts
That all point you in the same direction

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Tags : depression, sad, hurt, alone
Key Words : Mental health, Depression, Sad

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This Poems Story

Poetry has been an outlet for a lot of my emotions, and I thought it would be interesting to write a poem, about writing poems