I have seen words in demonstration
Spreading its knowledge to amend frustration
Encourages mistakes
Brought two people back together

Silence a city so all could listen
To comprehend the unnoticed
Correcting negligence where it lies
And clarify justification wherever it shorthanded

These are scriptures to purify wisdom where it lack
To open the eyes of officials
Under all umbrellas
To face every day challenges

The expressions of one’s life journey
Telling the world about some hurtful stories
Which need to be heard
Falling on all ears

Suppressing the depress
The map of life’s journey
Directions to find ones purposes
Ones treasure, meaning and reasons for the beginning of all experiences

Words of wisdom
Are biographical witnesses of what
Has being done
For things set in motion through the unexplained theories of law

The demand for attention at a public gathering
Someone reads these words that needs to be heard
A child stands and listen
And these words feeds on their ears

For a moment they walk away
With new dreams and ideas whereas, they themselves becomes their self-worth
Of who they are and might be if they continuously abide by
The truth and follow wisdom wherever she goes

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Poetry has being a comfort of my life through all my struggles i could express myself, it have given me a change of mind and heart, i listen to someone's else poetry and be inspired to write my own.