The expression of self
No longer putting your emotions up on a shelf but down on a page
It is the key to the cage that I put myself in
The key is feeling comfortable in my own skin
Its kind of funny I use to make fun of poetry
Maybe because I didn’t know it was inside of me
That was ignorance
The blindfold I put on myself
The only thing stopping someone from seeing himself
You are inside screaming let me out but with ignorance you’re deaf
You know what I don’t like about society
They like to monitor what comes out of me
Like if you’re any different
If you’re any different than you don’t deserve our interest
Like you don’t fit in the box so you better bend, hope you’re a gymnast
But for me
For me now the box is roofless
I don’t do it for the applause like “ooo kill’em” “he’s ruthless”
I do it to speak for the mute
The ones who instead of causing friction would prefer to just sit there and look cute
But you’re not doing anyone a favor by not causing friction
You’re just sitting there and giving a perfect depiction of the church
Have we forgotten the language of truth?
Silence is deadly
And you may have killed so many already
And you’re not even shaking nor your heart heavy
When it’s from the truth you abstain…(naw aw)
Its time for us to speak life again

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