Poetry In Motion

A powerful trot, full of pride and splendor
Hides a sleekness in step.
The whole body moves in a single motion
Too swift and majestic for its size,
Acknowledging a strength almost unmatched in proportion.
The beauty is as graceful as its shadowy coat is surprisingly soft.

Easing her way in a rhythmic walk,
She is a wave in the ocean,
Moves like the surf.
The tail trails like the water chasing the sand.
Her mane a second wave fading into the first, a perpetual pattern.

In her eyes, a fire burns so bright as a sunrise,
Yet only for a moment at a time.
Her will a branded steel,
Never to bear a mark taking her freedom from the world.
Forever one stride, never losing
The comforting sway.

Any other is a ghost of that grace, a precious wild nature
Coloring her soul a deep scarlet,
Following her gaze to the horizon from the pasture.
She dips her head for a second before returning to full height.
Poetry in motion.

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