poetry sucks

Poetry sucks , it does not pay one single bill
can I eat poetry when my stomach has to be filled?
my head's full of prose but none equals to cash
can I get 40.00 on 6 with that poetry gas?

Kids want toys and treats from the store
I'll write them a poem they won't want no more
I'll fill them with words so eloquently spoke
they can play with my words their imagination stoked
I will watch their eyes open and become mentally woke.
but none of that matters if my ass is still broke .

poetry's my outlet ,my way as to vent
but I can't use my outlet to pay the back rent.
get published takes skill and agreed with some luck
I haven't stopped trying ,I'm not passing the buck .
just tired of sitting in an unmovable rut,
so until it starts paying , poetry sucks.

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