Poetry to me.

'Poetry To Me'

I'm inspired to be admired.
To be known as a poet,
As you should know it,
like Edgar Allan Poe, or
Robert Frost.

Poetry to me
Comes so naturally,
As if to be.
The right thing for me.

I've had a desire.
To become a poet
Since I was seven years old.
Reading Helen Steiner Rice, and
William Shakespeare.
It's been a dream for a long time.
Something I have always wanted.
Is to become a poet.

To see my words in print
To finally become a poet
As you know it,
That would be poetry to me.

Words flow through me
At any given time.
It's not something I make happen,
It just comes to me, like the air we breathe.
Words come and go, if I don't write them down
Then they become unknown.

Poetry to me is a gift,
A gift from the heavens above
Placed by the hand of God
Into people like me and you.

Poetry to me
Is something that helps to see
the release I need.
It gives me the opportunity
To create art with words.
To touch the heart of others,
That helps one another.

David W Carter

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