Point Zero-Zero-Nothing Percent

What if I closed my eyes and never woke up again?
Would you care about the life I lived?
Would you wonder what my deepest fear was?
Would you care about my hopes and dreams?
Would it sadden you that they didn't come true?
Would you even know I was ever here?
Of course you wouldn't; you don't even know who I am
Because I am just point zero-zero-nothing percent
Of seven billion inhabiting this world
And when I hurt, you can't feel my pain
And I live in a town you never heard of
And my name means nothing to you
You don't know what my ancestors suffered
And how their legacy falls on my shoulders
And how I don't know how I'll ever live up to it
How America makes me feel like 116 pounds of nothing
'Cause I write with the insecurities of their slave blood
And I sometimes speak with their subordinate tongues
And I'm stuck somewhere between inferiority and redemption
And I'm trying to hold on to God's promise
But it's so hard when you're just point zero-zero nothing
percent of seven billion. And you don't even know who I am
Would you have ever wondered about me before reading this?
Do you think there's a life out there that thinks about you
And wonders about your darkest places
And wishes away your pain, without ever knowing your name?
I do.all the time.
But what does it matter when I'm just point zero-zero-
Nothing percent of seven billion and counting?

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