You're poison to me
Long term infatuation
but can it be? or is love..
Mentally having to stop myself from thinking about you
about your thoughts and what you doing..
If you're thinking about me too.
Hatred grows in my stomach
because you pour your liquid addiction down my throat
trapping me in a fixation of you.
Your presence keeps me calm
yet your look makes me nervous
because I feel your stare numbing me from the inside
even during a basic conversation.
I don't get it
I feel trapped, drained, and overexerted at the thought of you
Mentally and emotionally exhausted at this "on again off again chase"
But you don't get it.
You won't get it.
Full of self wallow and pity.
you fuel your energy from a collection of broken hearts
Yet claim that mine is the only one still beating
Breathing, heaving.
I need air
But my oxygen levels refuse to take a clean infusion
because I'm poisoned, pissed, and possessed by my inability
to separate myself from you.

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