Poison [May 15, 2016]

The heartless wind blows
Upon this desolate land of snow
In his heart, he feels the frozen cold
In his mind, devastation has been foretold

In the barren landscape of rotting decay
Countless bodies are buried in gray
He has forseen mankind led astray
Caught in their greed, now they must pay

Thundering Storms tear apart this world of misery
Searing Winds destroy all the world in it's agony
In fiery explosions the world is coated in debris
And in the end, all is swallowed by the raging dead sea

In this wasteland, he stands upon the highest mountain
He watches the world below, as all is slowly forgotten
He stands alone, within his quiet isolation
Clouded in grief, all becomes lost in eternal damnation

Opening his enlightened eyes, he finds himself shaking
He stands there alone and cries in all his frustration
Mankind has long been lost, fools who will never listen
Only now does he realize, this is only the beginning

All of mankind will wither away to nothing
Forever they will fade from what is coming
He has forseen the end, it cannot be avoided
At long last, all will be freed from poison

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