Poke Salid Samich

Well I was walking down the street
Just the outher day
When I came upon this restaurant That was along my way
I looked thrue the window
And seen an old familur site
It was a sing that read

Poke .. Salid .. Samich

Poke salid samich is what the sing read
And fore a dollor foritynine
You can have you're poke salid on bread
They serve it up with Blackeyed Peas Red beens and rice
And you know it taste purity good
If you like a lot of spice

Poke... Salid... Samich

Poke salid samich what a meal
And fore a dollor foritynine
You can't find a better deal

Poke Salid Samich
That's my kind of food
It fits right in with
Park bench chicken and two blue stew

Rick Rhythm Williams
(c) P.H.P 1996

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