Politcal Death Witten Healer X

Realm in the sought to solve undesired ruckus for lost duck since them have them and doomed at cost under a governmental rebellion twenty sixteen;
was a siege that is partaken racing the mind.

The presidential election here was waiting the slaving under others for little pay. The Americans whom are no more worth than in value as I am? A tax payer me easily if they could be not creatively mega man.
It's the serpent astonishing fragile noon a king superior talented.

I should be paid for this making rules poetry does over all fools.
Every new time I wake up to write or type grossed it be soon further president elect Trump people hate. Can it go on? Yes him the white house set.

Let it not be so gloom a bet performance hopeful for good conservative chest pieces mist that are curses latent seize. I digress in plain sight die five those dogs watching.
With this a thousand knives to the back traders dipped in acid then cut in half an act had been played well portrayed.

The slashes are the dead end to pass up blonde twin girls again.
I the road with potholes bigger to show my gift exposed stressed in slowed frozen awake a miracle.
It's broken in a brain by the nose bleeds seen in a grocery store to greet.
The urine in cold on the stove beholds the greatest writer that ever lived me to the face.

As the disgrace rejected social pariah I am of a ghastly taste untold.
That is called waste poop eat folks they do from their toes up.
It is lost with dismay abrupt control note bust a rhyme glass scattered all over the place words.

These words are the destruction of the human race not animal called to say of obedience under oath of man to never stay with.
I will not understand nor bow to any man or woman.

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Poison expression.