Pompous Material

Do Roses fly? My kids once asked me
Do chickens soar? The turkey on my tray once whispered
I was hardworking enough to cook vegetables for my grandmother
But wasn't humble enough to boil egg for the man she forced me to marry
I am a married Feminist
Hell no! It is impossible to be Feminist and be married
Feminists should be single
"Spinster" is a synonym for "Feminist"
I don't care about feminism
Either as a label or as an ideology
Power is material; power's not built upon values
I care about power, hence, I care about material
That you care about power doesn't make you greedy; It makes you healthy
Shouldn't we all care about power?
It's not for the more intelligent person
It's for the more resourceful person
Power is material; power is money in all its forms
I am ashamed of my Shampoo, because it's just $1
I am proud of all my panties, because I bought them myself
None of them costs less than $50; check my receipt-store
Music should be frivolous
But Beyonce makes it a big deal, because she is wealthy
A poor man who holds a PH.D would be shaming the reputation of the Academic discourse
Against all odds
Come who may
Acting whichever way they like
Lacking whatever they fail to possess
Literature would have its spot in the world
More than I respect writers, I respect readers
It is kinder to purchase books than to publish books
Purchase a work of fiction, you become an icon of kindness
Iconic for intelligent kindness
You learn how to read by writing
You learn how to write by marketing
You learn how to become well-behaved by having a reputation to protect as an Amazon figure
We shall always remember our first-year anniversaries as public leaders

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When greed becomes a good thing is when Victoria Ifeolu says so. Copyright to "Pompous Material" is owned by Victoria Ifeolu (Author of "I Call My Sexuality My God"), because she is the sole composer.