Poor Angel

By Gabby    Gabby

From the minute the line fell still,
twas the time of mourning
It was only the youngest who’d fallen ill
and a sense of pain came forming.

As angelic as her lifeless body lay,
many prayers came out of plea
Yet, only death responded with a slay
as many of her kinsmen can agree

Her skin, so pale, ice cold and white
nothing could compare her love so grey
Though, she put up a great big fight
Her will, so strong, as others would say

A piercing scream filled the room
as many more came to see
The cries and pleas from this sudden doom
Nothing could let the poor angel be

Tears dropped as loved ones cried
The poor angel, too young, to strong
She fought so hard but sadly died
Her spirit lifted...gone for long

Her last breath, awoke a spark
Everything fell silent as she’d finally gone
Night fell, everything so dark
Nothing could shine, not even dawn!

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This Poems Story

A death could rip anyone to pieces and the mourning will last a while. However, their love will stay coated forever as her spirit will forever be alive.