Poplar’s leaves

By Moza   

As leaves fall,
the beauty of branches shows up!
As the sun expands its heat,
towards the shadows we find refuge!
When we reach the trees, the cold pushes us,
to a place where both Sun and shadows play around.
Along the way, who left these many pits for us to fall?

Poplar's leaves talk to each-other,
their whispers spread with the wind
and flee towards my soul.
Who can hear their conversaton?
I never knew what language my soul speaks!
He only transmits this feeling
for me to sense the unity of creation!

Even if I lose,
Victory greets my battle!
I burst in laughs through lost waters,
I swim together with happy waves!
Go ahead, show yourself!
Here I am, in my lake of failures!
Though we are both headed,
towards a dead end,
you still lose faster than me,
because I slow down the way!
You forget that when people's hope goes away,
they still fall in God’s mercy's streams!
While you fall in Victory's well!

Weak lights shine this empty hall,
Fears of all kinds fill its dark sides.
Carrying so many hopes,
The air becomes denser!
Shadows clash,
Walking with no direction.
Souls that waited for too long,
Became tools for spiders webs!
Covered with layers,
The air couldn’t fill in,
So they lost their breaths!
Expecting the janitor to throw them away,
They got forgotten by the world!

This wall is not fit for me to lean on,
Its ropes are too weak to hold me back.
Get me out of this ignorant hall!
Bring me a pair a pair of stairs!
Show me the God’s way!
I want to go outside,
And see if those souls still have ears,
As the wind carries them away,
Will they be able to hear,
The news of Poplar’s leaves?

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Key Words : refuge, road, victory, battle, lose, soul,

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