Growing up love is just showing attention

At the age of 8 you don’t really know the difference between a good and bad intention.

And anybody bigger than you is someone you naturally fear. So when poppy comes in the room touches your thigh and says “you better not tell” you don’t even dare.

What’s my name he would say, “poppy” confused on why he would even ask that. Not knowing that’s only one of his sexual craves. Be a big girl, big girls are always brave. But poppy I just want to go outside and play. Babygirl after we finish I promise you could play all day. Though the real promise was keeping our little big secret a secret. And believe me the pain was real but after a few threats of me and my sister being killed it was nothing my little body couldn’t bare to feel.

I remember begging my sister to sleep on the top bunk because maybe then poppy couldn’t reach us. I know mommy is out late but maybe this night we wouldn’t have to put up such a big fight and maybe this night my sister wouldn’t have to put herself up for grabs like the last piece of cake to protect her little sister for pity’s sake!

The good out weigh the bad tho

When mommy was home we were normal little girls with bobos and pin curls

Well me, I was of a tomboy so instead of baby dolls I chose to play with my buzz light year toy

Perhaps that’s what poppy hated, maybe poppy wanted me to be a girl but instead of painting my nails pink he decided to be the one to take my innocence so my message to you all

Is pay attention make sure there is no poppy in your little boy or girls world

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