Porcelain Mask

It sits back and waits, it lives in your soul.
It slams you and breaks you when you finally feel whole.
It’s been so long since you’ve let it in.
Standing on guard, it just wants to win.
You finally give in the force is to strong.
You remember the time it helped you belong.
Falling so fast, it sucks all your being.
It’s got you again with you not even seeing.
You sit all alone, wonder how you got here.
You remember the pain, the shame and the fear.
You want to put down but its too hard to fight.
You are just days away from turning out the light.
It is growing and growing, it is growling so loud.
By you giving up this demon is proud.
It waited so long to steal you for good.
It pounced on your weakness, it knew that it could.
Now your heart slows, your body shuts down.
It looks from above you and laughs like a clown.
Whether heroin or crack, whether beer or hard liquor.
It runs through your body, you get sicker and sicker.
Your plan did not work, it takes off your mask.
Your soul leaves your body, remembering the past.
How did this happen? This can’t be the end.
You have so much to do and so much to mend.
It is raining outside, there are so many people.
Looking down on the church, you watch from the steeple.
Mom please don’t cry, I did not mean to die
All that I wanted was just one more high.
The casket now closes, I’m scared full of fear.
I can’t believe I caused this, the end now is here.
The pain that I’ve caused, the lives I have ruined.
I put them through this, it’s all of my doing.
My family now throws that final black rose.
The end now is here, this now is my low.
It wasn’t worth this, it was not even fun.
It accomplished what it wanted, addiction has won.

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