Porch Step

Porch Step.                                                 

As I sit on the steps of my grandmother's porch. I sat next to her while she's rocking in her chair, shucking peas, I watched and I looked up asked Grandma, please tell me where did you come from and what was your life like? Grandma began to talk to me about her life starting from the age of seven. Grandma was letting me know what her dad was like what her mother was like. Then she begin to tell me the story, then all of a sudden she got quiet and she looked down at me and then she looked to her left at Brenda and she began to prophesy into our lives. She told me I will always be married to a preacher and she told Brenda she will be a businesswoman and a hard-working woman. I'm putting this out there to let you young people know if you want to know where you came from and where you are going, sit on the steps of your Grandmother's porch at her feet and listen as God speaks though her.

                                         By:Linda K.Smith

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