Porridge\'s Healing Elixir..

In realms of old, where tales were spun,
There lived a porridge, revered by one.
From millet or sorghum, a hearty blend,
This elixir of life, on tongues did transcend.

'Twas served to mothers, newly delivered,
A potion, their strength it would deliver.
With sweetness and warmth, it'd mend their soul,
Healing the wounds, making them whole.

In half-cut gourds, this nectar resided,
A vessel befitting, as tradition presided.
Swirling around in a captivating dance,
Porridge in gourd, a sight of enchanting romance.

The millet's grain, kissed by the sun,
Ground and simmered, the magic begun.
Sorghum's allure, rich and profound,
Together they joined, their flavors renowned.

A traditional appetizer, it did excel,
Tickling the taste buds, the tongue's sweet spell.
The stomach, awakened, a rumbling choir,
Ready for nourishment, hungry desire.

Sipped with style, in swirling fashion,
Delicately cooling, a welcome attraction.
The half-cut gourd, a vessel unique,
Infused with the porridge, a delight to seek.

Oh, how it brought mirth to those who partook,
In jest and laughter, it joyfully shook.
For this porridge, both sweet and wise,
Brought comfort to hearts and smiles to eyes.

So let us raise a gourd, filled with delight,
To the porridge that brings us pure delight.
A tribute to tradition, a toast we make,
To millet and sorghum, let sweetness awake!

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