When I see you in that white dress
I feel like it was my last day in this world
You were so gorgeous and bright like an
Angel who had lost its wings.
At first it feel like an dream to me
But I know I'm awake and I'm not dreaming
I still remember the day when I first saw you
Feels like it was just yesterday.
I know that I can't live forever with you
But the time we spent together it was
So precious that I will never ever forgets
Those days for which I'm able to live.
I know that you love me too and
can't live without me and I'm so happy
to be with you but now I'm so tired
and I don't know how am I going to
leave you in this world .
I'm really going to miss you always wherever I
go and whenever I see you I want to live
a little more even if that heaven is so beautiful
I don't care coz without you even the heaven
will be like an hell to me , you are my addiction and you are my cure but now I'm so happy
that finally I will be able to see you again
and we will again live together .
And this time no one will be able to separate us I love you from deep inside my heart.

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