Possible Story Of Ole'

Once upon a narrow evening,
When the neural pathways
No longer worked,
There was a woman
Who cried of worms
That had eaten up her insides
While she was still alive
The sorrows got to her
The depression was dangerous
Her missed appointments
Brought up red flags
Rocks waged war
With what was within
Drowned in the sorrows
With no apologies…
"Where is she?"
He asked the receptionist
A no-show client
Got a shrug and an I don't know
As a woman out front caught his eye
In the grassy field ahead,
The woman sulked face down
He went downstairs,
And he approached
With, "Ma'am?"
She then said to the man
"The worms, the worms, they're eating me alive."
"Would you like to go in and talk?"
He replied
Before she followed her psychologist inside.

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